birthday boy (& giveaway winners)

Apparently I’m the only one who is concerned about whether or not the tomatoes ripen.

Seth, is not :) He sneaks the green tomatoes and starts chompin’ on them before I notice…

Tomorrow we’ll celebrate one year of life with our little mister. He is such a joy and for the last month or so has been perfecting his walking abilities. The vocab is coming right along with mama, dada, bobo (Hope’s nickname), and book…these words grace us with their presence amidst countless screeches and screams…at decibels that are ear piercing…don’t let the cuteness fool you.

Speaking of tomatoes, you’ve really taken to gardening…

Seth has quite the set of lungs…and fully intends to be heard.

It amuses me to no end…

Seth…we love how you give hugs…to mommy and daddy…with the best hugs reserved for your stuffed monkey.

And it’s just darling to see you get excited…like your daddy, you wear your heart on your sleeve.

Hope is the standard for all things in your world right now and I love watching you try to do everything she does.

Famous last words? At this point in the game I’m constantly chuckling at the sibling rivalry I’m beginning to see. I know it’s big in your world…so we walk through it and learn, but I just love to see the two of your begin to interact as independent little people.

You tolerate Hope treating you like her baby doll…fairly well.


Your laugh is infectious and you’re quick to indulge us with it.

Shaking your head “yes” and “no” are new additions…plus you’re finally beginning to use your signs when applicable as opposed to when you’re sitting by yourself playing…under the impression no one is watching :)

We love you so much sweet boy!!! You bring so much happiness to us and we love, love, love that you’re a part of our family!!!

Happy Birthday little mister!!!


And now for the winners from Monday’s mom2mom with Susie Larson!!! pulled these 5 ladies names up…each of you won a copy of Susie Larson’s new book, Growing Grateful Kids. (If you didn’t win a copy of the book but are still interested in picking up a copy, click here for ordering information.)

In no particular order…

1. Leann

2. Judy

3. Gizelle

4. Andrea

5. Susan

Please email your mailing address to and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

AND…..MICHELLE from the Ruth Simons interview…can you please send me your address? You won the posy pins and Ruth would love to get them out to you!!! Yipee!!! If I don’t hear from you by Sunday night I will draw another winner.

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