a nip in the air

…by the way…Ruth Simons lovely posy pins are still up for grabs!!! The giveaway closes tonight at midnight so head over to this post and leave a comment at the bottom for an opportunity to win the pair! I would also like to add in that if you’ve won a prize here before just skip one giveaway and then enter the next one…that way it keeps the playing field open for all!


I’m pretty sure that just over 72 hours ago we left the kind of weather that makes your eye balls sweat…but as Colorado weather would have it, I’m feeling the makings of Fall deep in my bones.

Heading out to the grocery store I should have grabbed a sweater for the little mister and I…thankfully Hope had one near the door that required very minimal effort to add to my armful of all the miscellaneous things in my “leave the house prepared” arsenal.

It is chilly around here. Mostly wind.

And as we approach the beginning of a 5 minute Fall and a year long Winter, number 3 for us, I’m ready…expectant…even, dare I say it,  a  little. bit. excited.

Things will be much different this year…we’re a bit more settled.

There are no new babies or plans for babies…just time to enjoy and invest in the ones we have…get them both bundled for a good ole fashioned snow angel or sled ride…hot chocolate and yummy soups…lots of lounging in my attire of choice perfectly accented with a well worn sweatshirt…and yes, some variation of slippers…if you saw them I know you’d laugh and since you can’t I’ll paint a picture…

Big box brand.

Lime green & clover green.


No skid bottoms.

Fuzzy as the day is long.

And likely a bit too well worn…this might be winter 5 or 6 for these old faithfuls…

My toes are beggin’ as I type…

And for the sake of partaking in one of social networkings most frequently mentioned beverages I may…just may…trade in one day of delicious chai for a pumpkin spice latte…but only after careful consideration ;)

So…as I pray the weather holds out just a bit longer…so as to give the gazillion roma n’ pear tomatoes a shot at finishing the race they’ve begun…I’m also getting quietly giddy about what lies ahead…

Colorado…you’re undoubtedly home to us now…and we’ll take you…long winters and all!

3 thoughts on “a nip in the air

  1. This will be winter #3 for us too…I’m hoping this one is somewhere in between the extremes of the last two winters. I loved winters in Abq, so I never thought I’d say that I’m sort of looking forward to winter in Colorado. God has answered my prayers for adjustment! :)


  2. ditto here :) By the way, Jill Savage with Hearts at Home sent me a handful of invites for a mama’s event she’s co-hosting at Focus on the 23rd from 10-12 noon. If you have someone who could take care of your little people for a few hours and are interested in attending please let me know and I’d love to get one of the invites passed on to you!

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