mom2mom {Christy Nockels}

To say I’m humbled to share this interview with you would be an understatement.

Incredibly humbled might be heading in the right direction.

But for lack of a better way to describe my level of enthusiasm I’ll stick with incredibly humbled.

And terribly excited!!!

Happy dance excited.


So, in keeping with this Monday morning tradition, here is a glimpse inside the life of another lovely mama…Christy Nockels.

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself. About your spouse. Your kiddos.

I was born in Ft. Worth, TX as a seminary baby and raised in Oklahoma in a humble, pastor’s home. I am the youngest of 3 children, the only girl. My mother has had her own private piano practice since I was very young so this infused my heart early with a love for music and also for God’s word since we were in church whenever the doors were open!

My husband, Nathan, was born and raised in Oklahoma City and is one of 6 children. I always say that it made him a great daddy! He’s nurturing when he needs to be but also leads with the kind of strength that causes our home to be balanced and peaceful. We met in college through some mutual friends and have been married for 15 years now. It was when I met Nathan that songwriting started to really flow out of me and we began co-writing songs even when we were dating. We have enjoyed 17 years of ministry together and though we don’t know anything different, we wouldn’t change a thing! God has shown up in so many powerful ways during our life together and we’ve seen a generation literally learn how to worship God with their lives. We are so grateful for the things He’s allowed us to do and be a part of!

We have 3 beautiful children now, Noah Luke is 10, Elliana is 7 and Annie Rose is 3. They are spirited, talented, and keep us constantly on our toes!

We also have 2 babies in heaven that we lost by miscarriage…a season as beautiful as it was painful. Some of you may have heard the song “Glory Baby” which we wrote as a memorial to the sweet babies that God used to shape our hearts even more around His…

2. What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of being a stay at home mama?

I find it hard to balance my longings and dreams as just a woman…the desire to want to have a “life” beyond just being a mom. Let’s be honest, it’s really rewarding to stay home and train our kids, but we also have an undeniable longing to have friendships, a great marriage and to connect with Jesus everyday in a meaningful way. The Lord very plainly showed me a few years ago that I was trying to do it ALL and I was spread so thin that I could barely function well in any aspect of my life. He showed me that there is an order to everything in my world. He allowed me to see it like a “target”… If I can somehow get up each day and by His Spirit at work within me hit the “bulls-eye” – He would take care of the rest! I don’t mean for it to sound like a magical formula because it’s definitely a ton of dying to myself…though my selfishness makes an appearance regardless sometimes! I’ve been able to watch God do some God-sized things in this area of my life… If I aim to connect to Him and bring Him along with me inside of what needs to be done each day, He takes care of my longing to have a “life” outside of motherhood. He comes and gives me those opportunities that fulfill places in me that HE knows are there… I love Psalm 37:4 – “Delight yourself in the Lord and HE will give you the desires of your heart”. He will both instill and fulfill the desires in us if we yield who we are to Him…that’s an everyday challenge for me to align myself with Him and let Him give me my portion each day!

3. What is your response to being “on the verge”?

I’m thinking you mean “on the verge” of a breakdown maybe? Or losing it?

: ) Assuming that’s what you mean…I pray out-loud and pray for patience beyond what I’m capable of in the moment. There’s a lot of “help me, Lord!” prayers around this house, trust me! I also find that I’ll project my own stress and frustrations directly onto my kids if I’m not careful. So…I often have to stop and ask myself, “what am I really stressed out about?” or “who am I really frustrated at, my kids or myself?” Usually…I’m stressed or on the verge of a breakdown because I’m frustrated at ME, not my children! I find the more consistent I can possibly be with my children, the less frustrated I am at ME and they don’t have to wonder what in the world they did wrong! By walking in peace and rest, I stay more even with my decisions and discipline and it keeps all of us more calm and peaceful!

4. What are the activities that your little people enjoy?

Our son Noah is our musician. He currently takes drum lessons and guitar as well. Elliana is our little artist, she paints & draws several times a day and takes art lessons during school season. Annie Rose is our little singer, she loves any kind of music and will dance her heart out, even in the grocery store! They all love the water, so we swim just about every day in the summer. They also LOVE to travel with us. They especially love the tour bus and beg us to take them again and again! It’s fun to share that with them.

5. Favorite meal option(s)?

We pretty much have Mexican food twice a week. I make “Turkey Taco Soup” allot with taco-seasoned ground turkey, stewed tomatoes, onions, any kind of beans I have and the secret is to let it simmer slow! It’s really good – my kids eat it on top of tortilla chips and I put “sprinkle cheese” on top and they eat it kind of like loaded nachos. I usually keep leftovers and use it for taco salad a few days later…that’s one of our favorites!

6. How, in the chaos of life, do you make moments count?

I really have to work on being “present” in the moment. I spent many years letting my mind and heart constantly wander to the next thing I needed to be doing. God let me realize that I really have to keep that in check… I catch myself still letting my mind and heart wander away when I’m with my kids and they notice it…they know if I’m not really “with them” in the moment. It’s always rewarding when I take the time to bend down and really converse with them and take time to let them see me be “lighthearted”. I also have to be in the practice of just inviting Jesus into every part of my day. When I lose it and yell at my kids, I have tried to just be in the practice of immediately repenting in front of them and asking their forgiveness… When I don’t necessarily want to sit down and play “Candy Land” for the 14th time, I allow myself to somehow just think of it as “sowing” and planting seeds into their little lives that I’m here for them! I find the more I invite His presence to just be in my everyday tasks…in the mundane things of life that nobody else sees…the more He gives me abundant “life” to the fullest! If I don’t invite the Lord into the little things, when the big moments come I feel like there’s a cavern between us! I like when I get to the big moments and I get to just worship because I know He’s been with me in every detail of my little world…

7. What lesson have you learned as a mama that you’ve thought, “I wish someone had told me about this”?

I’ve learned that everything comes and goes in seasons and the little stages of your childrens lives are just a breath and then they’re gone… Just when you think something will never end, it “lifts”. I wish someone had told me that the first time around. The more children you have, the more chilled-out you become because you remember from the last time that even though things might seem very bleak at the moment, there’s usually a new season coming that will bring relief for awhile and then it’s on to something new… God gives us moments of relief like that, and I’m so grateful…

8. What has being a mama done in your life?

I feel like being a mom “knocks the edge off” – meaning that all of us are born super selfish and can have an edge to our personality and our ability to love and have patience with others. Somehow cleaning up after little children just breaks you in the sweetest way….whether it’s bending down to tie their shoes, waiting for them to tie their own shoes (not sure which one takes more patience) or wiping, bathing, brushing, training every minute of the day…it all just helps you deal with real-life things and love real-life people and hopefully have patience more with those around you…

9. How do you maintain a meaningful marriage with your husband?

I’ve found that one of the ways that we connect is actually to try to give the other person some alone time to rest, reflect, and recharge. Nathan has a very busy work schedule as he produces music for other artists and worship leaders and also travels with me in ministry. However, he is amazing at letting me have “me” time and that in turn makes me want to give him his time as well. It makes me feel valued and he knows it makes me feel refreshed so in turn, I’m much more fun to live with! Also, he’s my “go to” guy about everything…we work hard to have the kids in bed at a reasonable hour so we can just use that time every night to talk and connect about everything the other one is going through. We have a few favorite tv shows that we record and watch together each week while eating our favorite ice cream – sounds funny I guess, but that’s how we connect on a regular basis and then it makes for meaningful seasons of growth together because we stay connected in the really small things.

10. How does your family impact the community around you?

I think the biggest way that we have been able to impact our community together is that we moved to Atlanta, GA two years ago to be a founding family of Passion City Church. This is a church that will be in the heart of the city of Atlanta, for the poor and for the rich, for God and for people… One of the sweetest things to watch is how excited our children have been about getting to go to church. We meet at 6pm on Sunday nights, but our children are dressed by 10am and ready to be there! Our daughter, Ellie loves to greet with the host team at the door and our son Noah loves to help with the parking and stacks chairs after church. We really get a sense that they are doing this with us and not just being dragged behind us all the way. Our hope as a family is to get to somehow impact the children of Atlanta. We having started working on learning Spanish to be able to help more children after school near our church and help them know that Passion City Church is there for them and Jesus loves them!

11. Any other thoughts, tips, or advice you’d like to share?

I’d love to share a new favorite book I’m reading! First of all, I feel so smart to say that I’m reading a book…I am NOT a reader, so you can know it’s the easiest read I’ve ever picked up!

It’s called “Growing Grateful Kids” by Susie Larson and it is wonderful! I met Susan at a conference that I’m leading worship for a few times this year called “Hearts At Home”. She is a mom whose heart was clearly gripped by God as she was raising her 3 boys and she shares some both heart-wrenching and hilarious stories of how God helped her teach her boys to look beyond their circumstances and see God’s provision, His hand and His purpose in every season. It is full of truth and after each short chapter there is a “personal application” and a “parental application”… I LOVE it!

*12. So many people aren’t in the position you’re in but that doesn’t mean they can’t begin to teach their little people about caring for others above themselves ! What advice or encouragement would you offer to families in regard to this area? Practical ways that they might begin to get their little people thinking outside of themselves?

I think it’s so important to be “Kingdom Minded” as a family. With balance as the key, I think that it’s so important for our kids to see us reach beyond even them and care for others. I love that my kids get to see me using my gifts and I hope in turn it will cause them to want to use their gifts for God’s glory and use them to the very best of their abilities. Jesus modeled it well while He walked the earth. He went from crowd to crowd, teaching, healing the sick, and loving on children. Then He would pull away from the masses and get alone with His Father… This is the beautiful balance of having seasons where you pour into your community…maybe you commit to help a family that might be struggling or you volunteer at a shelter. It’s important for your children to see this. I remember my mom taking me along to visit some families from our church when I was little. These were people living in absolute poverty. Once, she took me with her to get measurements for a little girl about my age, probably 7 years old, so she could make her an Easter dress that year. She didn’t have a mother and was just being raised by her grandmother. I think I wore a dress that year that I already had and the little girl got one made with love by my mom! I remember sort of being jealous inside at first, but then I was really happy for her and I knew somehow that it was going to make her feel really pretty that Easter Sunday. My mom made me plenty of pretty dresses…the point is…I remember the dress she made for that little orphan girl more than I remember any dress she made me! I want to bring my children along…living in a balance where we pour out as a family and also take time to just rest and be together…

Christy, again, thank you! For taking the time to answer these questions and for pouring so much of your heart into your answers!

Well…I kinda feel like Santa Claus’ today…

Not only did she share her heart, but she wanted to share her music as well…see for yourself…

To the tune of 5 CDs! Following her sabbatical, Christy released her first solo album, Life Light Up in June of 2009. Filled to the brim with songs that beckon you to be still before Almighty God, this album is one we’ve been playing over and over again…Hope asks for “miss Christy Nockels” by name as a matter of fact!



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23 thoughts on “mom2mom {Christy Nockels}

  1. I really like her response to your questions # 3. It is such great advice to just stop and pray, even out loud. I have two little guys as well, and there are lots of times where a pray would be much better than me losing it! Thanks Stacey for this she is very inspiring!

  2. Praisin’ Him! Love, love, LOVE this interview. What an inspiration she is. I am perhaps the biggest Watermark fan of all time, so to see Christy take the time to passionately answer your questions is amazing.

    Right now, I’m so thankful for God speaking to me. I have had so many worries in the past six months! But I am finally at ease because I’ve been able to be still and listen for what God is telling me. I just can’t believe how often He speaks to me and gives me reminders to trust in Him. This has been an absolute blessing and comfort for me.

    Love your blog, Stacy! Someday God will give me babies – and I can’t wait to teach them about God like you do! Love you tons!

  3. Praisin’ Him! Christy is not only an amazing artist (of which Kels and Jordan sang/played piano at our wedding!), but she is an inspiring wife and mother as well. I love hearing stories of those who are in the midst of motherhood now, as it encourages me for that season of life (although it may be a few years!). Right now I am eternally grateful for God bringing my husband in my life and blessing us with an amazing first 4 months of marriage! And… I love the blog Stacey!

  4. Praisin’ Him!
    I’m so thankful for a wonderful answer to prayer after a lengthy, difficult, walking by faith and trusting Him time since January of this year. His plans are FAR better than ours and I’m so glad my plan didn’t work out because His was a zillion times better than I ever could have dreamed. :)

  5. Praisin’ Him for ALL the provisions He has made in my life!

    I always love to hear how similar us moms are feeling and how our struggles are so often the same. What a privilege it is to raise our children and yet such a challenge to want to “be” and “do it” all. I truly must say it’s the most humbling task I’ve ever been assigned and feel relief when others think the same way.

    Thanks for sharing Christy with us, Stacey!

  6. Praisin’ Him!
    I’m thankful for my chatty little lady. She surely lights up my days. And Moses. And Miah. And you. And thank you, Father, for that cup of coffee this morning. Oh, and that the cashier at the local grocer had a sense of humor this morning.
    Love ya, friend!!

  7. Praisin’ Him…for all those little things we forget to praise Him for…like my little Benjamin asking me to pray for God to help him not to be scared of the thunder today, “even though I know God and Jesus always keep me safe”. Thank you Lord for the open, moldable, hungry hearts that we get to shepherd!

    Also praisin’ Him that my good friend Joan Kang gets to work side-by-side with Christy Nockels as a founding member of Passion City Church! What a blessing!

    Linking to facebook!

  8. Praisin’ Him! I have three amazing children 7yrs, 5yrs and my youngest is almost 8 weeks.

    Last night we prayed for a newborn baby from our church whose mommy was discharged from the hospital without him. He has a bad infection that has left him struggling to breath on his own. The Dr. said babies in this condition don’t tend to survive. Well we prayed last night as a family along with many others. God has answered that prayer… this morning I saw on fb that his breathing tube was removed and he is one step closer to breathing on his own! I love showing my kids that prayer works and how big our God is!

    I’ll be sharing this lovely article on fb!

  9. Praisin’ Him for my husband who works so hard so that I can stay home and raise my children. And for being able to work in minstry together.

  10. Praisin’ Him-

    Thank you God that time marches on, and that you give us the strength to do more than we think it possible. This is only a season….

    Thank you for my daughter who greets me every time I return from work with a huge smile and love.

    I love you.

  11. Praisin’ Him-

    I have been out of town for a week away from my three little ones. So thankful that God was gracious to bring us all back together safely!

    Thanks for being bold, Stacey, and asking for the interview. How cool!

    Thanks to Christy for sharing.

  12. Praisin’ Him! This interview from Christy really encouraged me the other day when I read it for the first time – totally blessed my day. I am at home with 2 little boys (and 9 months pregnant with my third, due very soon) and some days you just need to hear it from someone else about how important it is to pour into your children every day and continually be sacrificing to raise them up well. So, I’m very thankful for Christy’s uplifting take on life, motherhood, and being an awesome wife as well! I have always admired their partnership in music, and it’s great to hear about their family life as well.

  13. Praisin’ Him!

    I’m “Praisin’ Him!” for my 4 month old son sleeping on my shoulder as I type this one handed. Beck’s teething and it’s been a hard day. PTL that he’s getting some sleep!

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